5 property market predictions for 2023

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5 property market predictions for 2023

2022 was a very mixed year for the UK property market. At the start of the year, we saw unprecedented demand for homes, and fierce competition for available properties continued to create exponential house price growth. However, a turbulent political arena and an increasingly challenging economy in the second half of the year soon took their toll. By the end of the year the market was subdued, with prices and buyer confidence dropping.

So, what does 2023 have in store for the property market? These are our big 5 predictions for the coming year.

  1. Prices will continue to fall for the next few months, but will stabilise towards the end of the year
    House prices fell by 2.4% in November, and a further 1.5% in December. We’re expecting prices to continue to dip for the first half of the year - as market confidence remains low and prospective buyers contend with reduced lending affordability - but anticipate that by the summer the market will have found a new balance and things will stabilise, albeit at lower prices and a lower volume of sales.  
  1. Properties will take longer to sell
    Higher mortgage rates and falling property prices mean we’re already seeing a reduction in the number of people looking to move. With fewer prospective buyers, properties are sitting on the market for longer. We’re likely to see fewer homes changing hands this year, with both buyers and sellers exercising caution.

  2. Sales will be harder won
    With fewer buyers on the market, sellers and home builders will need to work harder for their sales. New build incentives will be key to enticing prospective buyers back to the market.

  3. Landlords will be more tempted by new build homes
    Landlords are facing increasingly challenging market conditions. New build properties will become a more attractive option for buy-to-let investors this year, as they look to reduce their costs and seek properties with greater energy efficiency.
  1. Material costs will continue to rise – impacting home improvers and home builders
    The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, alongside Britain’s continuing economic woes, will mean building materials will see further price rises. This could benefit the new homes industry, as fewer buyers are willing to take on ‘project’ properties, but it will have an impact on the bottom line as costs rise.

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